Professional Digital Thermometer for Hydroponics & Aquaculture, Amphibian & Reptile Terrariums, Freshwater Tropical Fish & Saltwater Fish Aquariums!! Sold By Pidaz

$11.99 $6.89

Digital thermometer for terrariums with Fahrenheit and Celsius LCD display and suction cup for mounting external sensor probe inside or outside of the terrarium. External Sensor can be mounted in dry or wet area of terrarium.
Accurately measure air and water temperatures up to +/- one degree. Easy to use selectable fahrenheit/celsius switch with large easy to read display. To turn on press and hold the power (pwr) button. To turn off hold the power button for 5 seconds.
Ideal for aquariums & reptile habitats. For use with both freshwater & marine aquariums, and great for monitoring temperatures in reptile & amphibian terrariums, and small animal habitats.